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How do we learn from our mother?

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Mom has one of the hardest jobs. Yes, believe me – I’ve asked a lot of mothers, including fathers who sometimes are more mom than dad (you know who you are).

It can be a thankless job, especially when the littles run off with their friends and forget about you. The look on Mom’s face when the kids speak sassy to her can be heartbreaking. Moms are the chief bottle washer, taxi driver, homework helper, chef, maid and killer of spiders.

Mothers experience many sleepless nights, from rocking a tireless baby to sleep to keeping watch over their fevered child. When children suffer scraped knees, broken hearts and Saturday morning boredom, Mom is the one they go to. And when they’re old enough to take the car out for the night, it’s mom who waits up until she hears her child’s familiar footsteps in the hall.

And through it all, Mom guides with patience, and tells her kids how it is when no one else will. She coos and corrects and stares with amazement and pride, even when you think you didn’t do your best. Mother teaches us how to love, cook and keep a home. She teaches us how to have fun even when you don’t want to. She is our cheerleader and keeper of secrets. She can be our best friend. But believe me, it is in your best interest not to cross her – I learned that one through trial and error!

So be kind to Mom. Give her a hug, or a call. She needs to know that she did a good job – and she did, she raised someone like you!

HAPPY MOTHER’S DAY to all the mom’s out there, enjoy.

P.S. As I sit and think of my own mom, I’m also reflecting on some women in my life (past and present) who really made and are still making a difference. To them I say thank you. My hope is that I may have the same impact on another woman’s life like you do for me now. Most notably, my gratitude goes out to my real estate mom MH, past friend/coworker GJU, and now JHR. You all make me a better person. Thank you!

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