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Would you like to help someone in need? Please consider donating a coat.

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Families with children make up 35% of the US homeless population.

This is the time of year when most start to reflect on what we have in our lives and try to be thankful. This year, it’s my hope to share warmth with those in need…and I can’t do it without your help. Through December 17, I am accepting donations of coats, hats, and mittens as part of Petaluma People Services “One Warm Coat” drive.

It seems no matter where we turn these days, we’re bombarded with bad news. It’s really, too, much… As a personal goal, I’ve decided to proactively be more positive. One way of accomplishing the spirit of positivity is to help others. You can’t not smile when you help someone who really needs it and witness their reaction – especially when it is one of relief. Becoming deaf to negativity may allow people to prosper into something better, even something wonderful. Watching other people relax, especially in the wake of hardship, makes me feel at peace.

When good deeds are done, even if they are small acts of kindness lead to more good deeds. It compounds over time until those small things morph into bigger good deeds. I had a teacher in high school who used to always say, “Good deeds are contagious, let’s start an epidemic!” So, thank you, Sr. Jane, that is one epidemic I can get behind.

If you would like to contribute with a coat or a donation, you can bring it to me at 616 Petaluma Boulevard South in Petaluma between 10 a.m. to 5 p.m. from now until December 17. If you’re unable to drop it off, call me at (707) 769-7165 to arrange a pickup.

For more information, please visit Thank you for your generosity!

If I’ve inspired you to start your own epidemic, then drop me a line, I’d love to know more.

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